Buck Ferton

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Buck Ferton has had a long run as Smokin’s top pro rider but unfortunatly the pressures of celebrity life and placing a disapointing 4th in the worlds biggest snowboard contest were too much for him to handle. Loved and hated by many, Buck sadly passed away while attempting the infamous quad cork in a pipe and was buried in Smokin’s very own forest where their Good Wood Cores are made. That spring a tree grew from his grave and as a momento, Smokin decided to use that very wood for the newest Buck Ferton model. However when the tree was dug up, Buck Ferton’s coffin was found empty. Ever since then the Smokin Forest has been haunted by the spooky calls of “Moooorreee Meeeedaaaallllssss” and amazingly enough anyone who has ridden a Buck Ferton model is instantly possesed with Buck’s riding ability. Maybe it is just how good Smokin boards are made or maybe Buck is actually entering your soul but with that power you would be crazy not to grab one of these. These boards are in extreme limited supply and we warn anyone who rides one to do it at their own risk, just please don’t try a quad cork… for your safety and the good of snowboarding.

And as with all Smokin Boards Buck Ferton’s Zombie Wood Core is combined with a Blunt Tips, 6k Sintered Base, extra damping, Magne-Traction and VDFLU. Get possessed!

Key Features:

  • Camber profile: Clash Rocker CTX (Moustache Camber)
  • Rider Profile: Good for All Abilities
  • Mountain Profile: All Mountain Freestyle
  • Shape: True Twin
  • Base: Sintered base
  • Flex: Park flex – Medium / Soft 5
  • Condition: Brand New – Factory waxed
  • EdgesMagne-Traction

Buck Ferton

Don’t drink the Kool-aid! The Buck Ferton anti brainwashing device is a freestyle power house.

Clash Rocker and PoP Gnarley give it more energy than an 8 year old with a sugar buzz. Blunt Tips and Magne-Traction extend your effective edge for top notch control. Certified Renewable Good Wood cores are sourced from right here in the US of A because these colors don’t run, but be careful they do stain. No bullshit technology here; just low brow high power fun having.

Features Include
  • Magnetraction – Drastically improves edge hold by increasing the number of contact points your board has with the snow when on edge. Traditional side cut snowboards only have two contact points (one at either end of their effective edge) while magne traction boards have seven contact points along each edge
  • Park Flex – A versatile core profile that is designed to be lively, responsive and stable, while maintaining a fun, playful, pressable characteristic
  • R3 Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing – This is Smokin’s effort to reduce the footprint that building snowboards creates. Whenever possible Smokin use recycled plastics, reduce waste in their processes and reuse material to minimize the impact on the surroundings.
  • Variable Density Fiberglass layup – Smokin’s proprietary composite formula gives the perfect combination of board flex, strength, and pop. Smokin strategically engineer their boards with varying axial tension and density in critical points to make them bombproof, and slightly reduce glass weight in areas it is unneeded for better torsional freedom and flex. Makes the board 1.54 stronger than boards without this technology
  • Good Wood Cores – Full Aspen wood cores are handpicked for knot free strength and flex from an ISC certified lumbermill
  • Blunt Tips – Blunt tip shapes feature an extended contact length for increased edge hold and surface area for stability in all riding conditions. They also just look sick!
  • PoP Gnarley – PoP Gnarley is eco friendlier hemp torsion x fibers in the tip and tail of the board. Hemp has extremely strong tensile strength and helps transfer energy to your contact points while also dampening out harsh vibrations in your board. Who needs carbon, PoP Gnarley is here to take you higher!
  • 3 Year Warranty – Smokin is proud to offer an industry leading three (3) year warranty on all of our products from the original purchase date from an authorized Smokin retailer. Others have imitated it, but nobody beats it. Get out there and shred hard knowing you can count on high quality American manufacturing for years to come.
Length (cm)
Waist Width (cm)
Boot Size (uk)
Stance Set Back (cm)
Rider Weight (kg)

155, 158



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