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Try our Snowboards and get stoked! As board passionates we always dreamed and looked forward to do something in the Snowboard scene because that’s where our heart and passion is. And what would make you more happier than do what you love, exactly. We searched for boards that were different and started importing and distributing snowboards that are:

• Top quality
• Hand made
• Rider owned
• Not mainstream
• Exclusive

SnowRebels is one of the few importers and distributors that focuses on “Rider Owned” snowboard manufacturers. Many board brands claim they’re run by the riders and board addicts themselves, which is often not the case in practice. Not that’s bad, but the fact is, that as brands grow and expand they need other “professionals” to take care of the financial and administrative business. As a result, the soul of snow fanatics is diluted with people who only work for the job and not necessarily for the passion. At “Rider Owned” everything is done by these passion fanatics themselves….and that makes all the difference!

We have searched for brands that are relatively new and unknown in Europe. We ignore the mainstream brands because we prefer to work with exclusive material and the local manufacturers. Besides we like to experiment the decks and boards with the pro teams and test teams.

That’s why we have a special bond with Smokin’ Snowboards and Unity snowboards. For and by Riders! These brands are still owned by the founders themselfs and they still strive to improve year after year with new technologies and innovative ideas. Come and meet us in real life at one of the events we’re attending!

Come and try our Snowboards and get stoked!

Call us for more information or to make an appointment.

Heulakker 1
1231 NT Loosdrecht
The Netherlands
T: 0031-358883487

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