UNITY snowboards, real Fast Moving Consumer Goods


Fairly unknown in the Netherlands but since 1995 Unity snowboards delivers high quality snowboards.

From the heart of the Rocky Mountains, every Unity board is handmade by passionate snowboarders. Only high quality materials are used, such as a modified highly hardened epoxy system in combination with maple and aspen wood cores. This gives a truly unique cushioning to all Unity boards and distinguishes it from all other boards on the market. Because teamriders remain involved at every point in the production process, these boards are continuously adapted and improved. 2 years warranty on manufacturing defects indicates how confident and proud Unity is of their end products.

Since 2014 Unity has frequently climbed on stage next to the big established names. Taylor Gold has proven his name (1st) at both the Copper Grand Prix as the Dew Tour.

Besides Taylor there are several pros active: Arielle GoldJ.J. Thomas (trainer Shawn White) and Matt Annetts

These pro-riders choose Unity and not just like that. Unity distinguishes itself by its focus on quality and passion. They don’t supply accessories like goggles, helmets, bindings or whatever….Unity makes boards. That handmade quality combined with a deep passion for the mountains and the snow, you feel when riding a Unity board.

What makes Unity unique:

  • Owner Pete is a die-hard and passionate freerider who keeps innovating and trying out the latest techniques and materials.
  • Unity only designs and builds snowboards. 
  • The boards are handmade in the USA
  • 2 year warranty instead of the usual 1 year

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