Fawesymmetrical – 4her

Smokin snowboards are some of the best made snowboards in the world and consistently win awards year in and year out.

The Fawesym is the women’s version of Smokin’s newest major award winning asymmetrical snowboard released last year. Snowboard nerds will fall in love with the tech on this thing including the VDFLU which uses extra strength material in the tip and tail for a more stable ride and bigger ollies. It also uses Mervin’s award winning Magne-Traction for the best control on and off ice as well as an Aspen wood core that has better pop and life than any other type of wood and a 6k Sintered base that is 1/3 thicker than the industry standard! Smokin also loaded up this baby with extra rubber damping for a super smooth ride and to top it all off it comes with a 3 year warranty. If you plan on buying a snowboard, invest in quality because this board is going to be with you for a while. 

Think of the Fawesym as the tour de force of women’s snowboards. This Smokin Snowboards model is built for tech nerds and is a hybrid of the 2016 Good Wood award winners Awesym and Vixen boards. Yes there’s Magne Traction but there’s also extra strength in the tip and tail with a Variable Density Fiberglass Layup.

Add a Clash Rocker hybrid camber for a playful but stable ride, sustainable Aspen wood core, hemp stringers for extra pop, three stage damping process for smooth riding and a three year warranty.



144, 148








Big mountain, Freeride boards

Cambers and Rockers



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