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Smokin snowboards are some of the best made snowboards in the world and consistently win awards year in and year out. The Awesym is their newest major award winning asymmetrical snowboard released last year and has already become their best seller. Snowboard nerds will fall in love with tech on this thing including the VDFLU which uses extra strength material in the tip and tail for a more stable ride and bigger ollies. It also uses Mervin’s award winning magnetraction for the best control on and off ice as well as an Aspen wood core that has better pop and life than any other type of wood and a 6k Sintered base that is 1/3 thicker than the industry standard! Smokin also loaded up this baby with extra rubber damping for a super smooth ride and to top it all off it comes with a 3 year warranty. If you plan on buying a snowboard, invest in quality because this board is going to be with you for a while.

 Key Features:

  • Camber profile: Clash Rocker CTX (Moustache Camber)
  • Shape: Asymmetrical Twin
  • EdgesMagne-Traction
  • Rider Profile: Good for All Abilities
  • Mountain Profile: Freestyle, All mountain
  • Base: Sintered Tefloaded base
  • Flex: Park flex – Medium 6
  • Condition: Brand New – Factory waxed

 Size Chart

Length (cm) Waist Width (cm) Boot Size (uk) Stance Set Back (cm) Rider Weight (kg)
148 24.7 6.5-10.5 0.0 49-72
152 24.7 6.5-10.5 0.0 58-81
156 25.3 7.5-11.5 0.0 68-90
156W 25.8 8.5-12.5 0.0 70-92
159 25.3 7.5-11.5 0.0 77-99
159W 26.2 sep-13 0.0 79-102
162 25.5 08-dec 0.0 79-105+
162W 26.2 9-13.5 0.0 79-105+
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De Awesymmetrical is de assymetrische twin all mountain freestyle ripper.


It features an identical nose and tail with an exaggerated side cut on your heel side edge to compensate for your biomechanic shortcomings. Park Flex and Clash Rocker gives it the perfect pop to press ratio, and PoP Gnarley tunes out the harsh vibes. The Tefloaded Base injects your board with rocket fuel and keeps waxing to a minimum. We pulled out all the stops and threw in all of our latest and greatest materials to build this go anywhere do anything feat of modern technology. It’s totally Awesym!



Size Waist Nose Tail EE(Toe/Heel) Stance Setback Flex Weight Range
148 24.7 28.5 28.5 113.5/112.8 20.5-25.5″ 0″ 6 110-160pds
152 24.7 29.2 29.2 115.5/116 20.5-25.5″ 0″ 6 130-180pds
156 25.3 29.3 29.3 119.5/119 20.5-25.5″ 0″ 6 150-200pds
156w 25.8 30.1 30.1 119.5/119 20.5-25.5″ 0″ 6 155-205pds
159 25.3 30.2 30.2 121.8/121.2 20.5-25.5″ 0″ 6 170-220pds
159w 26.2 30.5 30.5 121.8/121.2 20.5-25.5″ 0″ 6 175-225pds
162 25.5 30.7 30.7 124.2/123.6 20.5-25.5″ 0″ 6 175-230pds+
162w 26.2 30.7 30.7 124.2/123.6 20.5-25.5″ 0″ 6 175-230pds+


  • Awesymmetrical shape – New Asymmetrical sidecut and contact point geometry. A deeper sidecut on the heel edge compensates for decreased leverage in heelside turns
  • MagneTraction – Drastically improves edge hold by increasing the number of contact points your board has with the snow when on edge. Traditional side cut snowboards only have two contact points (one at either end of their effective edge) while magne traction boards have seven contact points along each edge
  • Park Flex – A versatile core profile that is designed to be lively, responsive and stable, while maintaining a fun, playful, pressable characteristic
  • Tefloaded Bases – Sintered 6000 base with Teflon, the slipperiest synthetic on the planet. Super tough, fast and hold wax longer
  • Variable Density Fiberglass layup – Smokin’s proprietary composite formula gives the perfect combination of board flex, strength, and pop. Smokin strategically engineer their boards with varying axial tension and density in critical points to make them bombproof, and slightly reduce glass weight in areas it is unneeded for better torsional freedom and flex. Makes the board 1.54 stronger than boards without this technology
  • Good Wood Cores – Full Aspen wood cores are handpicked for knot free strength and flex from an ISC certified lumbermill
  • PoP Gnarley – PoP Gnarley is eco friendlier hemp torsion x fibers in the tip and tail of the board. Hemp has extremely strong tensile strength and helps transfer energy to your contact points while also dampening out harsh vibrations in your board. Who needs carbon, PoP Gnarley is here to take you higher!
  • 3 Year Warranty – Smokin is proud to offer an industry leading three (3) year warranty on all of our products from the original purchase date from an authorized Smokin retailer. Others have imitated it, but nobody beats it. Get out there and shred hard knowing you can count on high quality American manufacturing for years to come

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